{Party Trends} Tissue Poms & Paper Straws

Hello! When it comes to fashion, I’m not one to follow trends. Although in fashion school we were taught to study trends both in color and silhouettes, which of course is important, I normally buy what’s cute and looks good! I can’t say the same though for party styling, I am guilty of following some trends, but its ok. Back in 2007 when I was planning my 2009 wedding, tissue poms were making their way into wedding decor. I remember one girl from “the knot” who had a vintage style wedding blog, and she made a tutorial on how to make these gorgeous tissue poms using a styrofoam ball and LOTS of tissue! She used them along her entire wedding aisle, needless to say she had a huge following of brides. Wedding planning was such a fun time..sigh… Anyway, another trend that has stuck with the wedding world is giving your guests a dessert to take home instead of something they probably would never use.  I also am guilty of this trend but this lead to my love for designing dessert tables for my personal events. I sent my wedding guests on their way with a boxed red velvet cupcake from Mishas, our fav!  Different trends have really made their way into the way people style their events. It’s actually quite fun to see pictures of how people use the same products but in such different ways. Tissue poms are used widely in not only weddings, but in children’s events, to really any type of gathering. Paper Straws are fun and colorful and you can find them in several prints to coordinate with your theme. Below I share with you some photos I have found around the web using these products. Enjoy Xo Marisol!


{Top Left}Tissue Poms via Pinterest  {Top Right} Tissue Poms Right via Pinterest  {Bottom Left} Tissue Poms Tall via Pinterest {Bottom Right} Mini Poms via Pinterest


{Top Left} Assorted Colors via Pinterest {Top Right} Grey Striped Straws via Pinterest {Bottom Left} Lemonade via Pinterest {Bottom Right} Green Straws in Mason Jars via Pinterest

{Featured Image} Tissue Poms via Donna Hay Straws via Paper Mash

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