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Hello Everyone! Well, recently the movie Rio, came out on DVD and we’ve already seen it in my house quite a  few times. I’ve wanted to design a party incorporating the vibrant colors of the Macaw but just haven’t had the opportunity to yet. I have searched for Rio themed birthdays on the web and didn’t really find any inspiration, so I put together this design board for those of you thinking of this theme for your child’s next bash. While the film focuses on the blue Macaw I think its OK to use the multi-colors ;).  Enjoy!



Event Styling Tips


Dessert Table

This is where you can get super creative and  incorporate lots of fun and unique desserts to this theme. Parrot Shaped cookies are a fantastic touch, but really look too cute to eat. Angry Birds made their film debut in this movie and cake pops in the shape of those birds are so fun, maybe you can give them a citrus flavor. How fabulous are those Rio character fondant cupcake toppers pictured above? Love those! Since the movie is based off of parrots, what better treat to serve your guests than chocolate covered sunflower seeds in mini dishes or favor bags. I would also incorporate desserts in which you could create a rainbow design such as jello cups, a cake, cotton candy, lollipops,skittle, fruit skewers (you can use colorful gummy candy also for this) and even some multicolor cherries. Really the list is endless.


Brazil is known for beautiful people, music and culture. Why not have some Samba players beat some drums during the party. Or even better have some available for the children to practice and play on. Maybe have some Samba playing in the background.


For the adults the Brazilian Cocktail Caipirinha would be a hit(find link to recipe below). For the children you can serve some delicious Sambazon Acai Berry smoothies found at the grocery store.  What would be even more fun and if you can find locally would be coconut water straight from the coconut you would just need to break off the top and serve with a colorful straw maybe even a mini paper umbrella. If you cannot find coconuts locally they also sell it in bottle form, like the Zico coconut water shown above.


Here in Miami we have quite a few Brazilian Steakhouses to enjoy. A friend of my husband and I is from Brazil and is also a master at grilling. Whenever he invites us over for house parties he works the grill non stop, and let me tell you its always delicious, this coming from someone who rarely eats red meat. He says its very important in how you cut the meat and how you season it, which he only uses sea salt. So if you are unsure as to what to serve your guests some meat skewers would be great. (Chicken is a great substitute for those who do not eat red meat.) Don’t forget to mix in some veggies ;).


 Play with the colors you like most and use them throughout the decor from the balloons to tablecloths and serveware. For centerpieces you can’t go wrong with tropical foliage with beautiful vibrant blooms. I also picture lots of hanging elements like tissue poms, tissue fans, gathered fabric, feathers. You can also make it a beach party if you don’t have a pool. Make it festive.  =)

 If you happen to throw a Rio themed birthday party send us some pictures we would love to see what you put together! =)


1. Tissue Fans and Garland via Luna Bazaar

 2. Caipirinha Cocktail(For the Adults of course)  via  Epicurious

3. Samba drum image via Google

4. Sambazon Smoothies via Sambazon

5. Rainbow fruit skewers via Babble

6. Rio Cupcakes via Sugaar Cakes

7. Blue Appetizer Plate via Crate & Barrel

 8.  Beach Ball via Birthday in a Box

 9. Maraschino Cherries via Cutest Food

10. Dark Blue Chocolate Covered Sunflower seeds via Oh Nuts

 11. Rainbow Jellow via Glorious Treats Blog

 12. Parrot and Palm Tree Cookies via Etsy Shop ladybug650

 13. Meat Skewer via Bon Appetit

 14. Zico Coconut Water via Zico

 15. Angry Birds Cake Pops via The Girl who ate Everything


  1. I am from Rio and I have to say that you did put together a great Rio party! Made me miss Brasil! I used to live in Miami but now I live in AZ and miss a good Brazilian Supermarket! And your friend is right! Is all about the way you cut the meat! My husband is american but he learned how to make Brazilian barbecue from my dad! Thanks for your great ideas!

  2. What an awesome board. So colorful and Happy. It makes me want to have a party.. “just because”.

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