{Mommy Approved} Favorite Organic and GMO Free Foods

When I grocery shop, I try to buy as much organic as I can. From produce to meats and dairy. Publix has its great Greenwise selection as well as Wholefoods which is just a happy place =). My oldest is a picky eater, don’t know why but it started around 2 years old. I’m always in search of something new and fresh for him to “try”, it has to look and smell appealing, lol. 90% of the time he doesn’t indulge in my persistence for him to try new foods which is extremely frustrating as a mom. He does LOVE Horizon organics vanilla milk, I should own stock in this company. Its definitely the thing I purchase the most for him, actually the most frequently purchased item in the household! He chugs those things. They only sell this flavor in the individual cartons with a straw, would be nice to be able to buy the half gallon size as well. I wanted to share “some” of my favorite organic and GMO free foods.





1. Horizon Organic Vanilla low fat milk Boxes- Organic and GMO free

2. Angies Sweet and Salty Popcorn – GMO free

3. Earths Best Organic baby food in glass jars or pouch- GMO free

4. Adam & Eve Organic Sesame Street juice boxes

5. Organic girl Super Greens

6. Late July Sublime snack chips Yum! GMO free

7. Sambazon Organic and GMO free- all favors are yummy especially Kale/Ginger and Mocha Java

8. Publix Greenwise Organic GMO Free Pinto Beans- great for my homemade burrito bowls

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