{Inspiring Words} Make your talent work for you!

Some words to inspire you, I am no yoda, but I have experienced many things in my 30 years thus far. I’ve been working on my self and my attitude towards things in life. I am learning to not beat myself up about things I cannot control. I easily stress about things either because I feel some sort of pressure on myself either inflicted by others or self, or because I like things to be as perfect as possible. {is that a run on sentence ? ;) } If you’re working a job that is stressing you out way to much(im not talking about good stress) where it affects your life at home then I say make a change and move on. It’s totally not worth it more importantly if you have a talent in which you are NOT even using at said job. You need to be happy everyday doing what you love. Life is too short to waste it away. Go on your own and make your dreams happen (if you don’t have that dream job) don’t make someone else’s dream happen(if you’re not happy doing it). Move it and make tomorrow and each day after that a great day.. Now go find that dream job or create it! XOXO

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