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Hi everyone! So do any of you watch this show?  Well, when I started my first semester in fashion design school, the show had just begun its first season. I along with fellow classmates naturally became hooked to the show and loved the opportunity it was giving to emerging designers. Alexandra Vidal, from that first season was a graduate from my design school, so she was definitely in the spotlight and was talked about a lot. Check out her website to see her current and past collections, she really creates beautiful work. Below is one of my favorites from her Fall/Winter 2011 Collection.



In school, I will tell you it gradually got pretty competitive. As time went by, the more we learned the better we all got, and the greater the thirst for recognition became. So, I understand why the designers are harsh on each other on the show, the payoff is huge, plus they need the drama for ratings, right? I personally don’t like how some gang up on others, it’s pretty childish and mean. I feel if you think you are such a  threat, because you are “so much better” then bring it in your work not by belittling someone else.  Anyway, so I also had the opportunity to participate and create garments for Miami Beach Fashion Week in 2005 and 2006, which was so much fun. It was also required by the school for us to volunteer at fashion shows, working backstage and dressing the models.  Plus I got to meet several designers like the duo at Badgley Mischka and Luca Orlandi, founder of Luca Luca. It was such a great experience, I do miss it very much.  

So this season there are a few designers I really like so far, judging only their work and not their character ;). I don’t necessarily like every single piece from each of those designers but I can appreciate their skill. They are also given much less time to create these garments than what we were given in school, so I commend them on dealing with that amount of stress and getting the job done. I’m sure they knew what they were kind of getting themselves into and the exposure to millions of people is truly priceless, it must be an amazing experience. Who are your favorites this season and what are your thoughts?



Viktor Luna, so far has shown some great pieces ( except the garment for Episode 3 for the stilt model, didn’t care for that). I loved the dress he created for Nina in episode 4 and the above knit outfit in episode 5.


project -runway-anya-ayoung-chee-modishly-delishproject -runway-anya-ayoung-chee-episode-4-modishly-delish

Anya Ayoung Chee, has impressed me in that she can construct so well having learned to sew only 4 months before joining the show.  I do love the look she created for Nina pictured above.



 Kimberly Goldson, is also very talented. I did love the outfit she designed for Nina (looked great on her too), doesn’t surprise me that she won that episode. I’m also loving the outfit she is rockin’ on the left. Love those shoes ;)!



Bert Keeter, probably has the most experience out of all of the designers. I did love how he transformed a pair of boxers and made the dress above. However, I did not like the dress he made in episode 2 when he was safe from elimination. In episode 5 when he was paired with Laura and Anthony, I could tell just by his mock up of the garment that his was going to be way better than the others. They totally knocked his design and didn’t care for him at all as a team member. I was happy when the judges pointed that out.


Don’t forget Project Runway airs tonight at 9 on Lifetime!

Images via mylifetime.com

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