{Fashion} Dresses Oh My!

Hello there! So if  you know me personally, you’ll know that  I’m a very girly girl who just loves to wear dresses. My grandparents spoiled me with fancy dresses and shoes as a child, so I can’t really help it ;). I don’t have a daughter yet, but I assure you, if I do, she will be in a dress probably everyday ;). I do love to shop for my son but for those of you that have boys, you know there isn’t a whole lot of options for them. So today’s post is about adorable little girl dresses  focusing on a few trends currently in stores. Enjoy!

Tiered Looks


 {Left} Sara Sara Dress {Center} Truly Me Knit Dress {Right} Little Ella Daphne Dress all via Nordstrom

 Black and White Looks


 {Left} Jitterbug Stripe Dress via J Crew {Center} Pleated Bow Knit Dress via Janie & Jack {Right} Striped Ponte Shift Dress via The Gap


Sweater Looks


 {Left} Ruffle Sleeve Dress via The Gap {Center} Cable Sweater Dress via Janie & Jack {Right} Merino Wool Dress via Pili Carrera


Embellished Looks


{Left} Tartine et Chocolat Dress via Saks {Center} Dior Silk Ombre Dress via Saks {Right} Peggy Dress via J Crew


Colorblock Looks


Featured Images {Left} Marie Chantal Coloblock Knit Dress via Saks {Center} Dream Colorblock Sweater Dress via J Crew {Right} Little Ella Daphne Knit Dress via Saks

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